Site Policies

Just in case you’re curious. ..

  1. User Accounts.
    I don’t require user accounts on this site, unless you want to post content to the site. This does not include posting comments, anyone may post comments here if they wish, and a user account is not required to post comments. If you want to post regular content to the site, you will first have to get my permission to do so. If I decide to grant you permission, I will create an account for you, and set up the necessary permissions. I periodically purge all user accounts that I did not create. There’s nothing personal in this. Hundreds of user accounts are created on this site every week or so, and not one of them has ever contacted me otherwise. I suspect that most of these are probe accounts, and that their owners are trying to hack their way into my site for purposes I wouldn’t approve.
    I welcome comments whether I agree with your views or not. However please try to keep your comments relevant to the posts they are associated with. I will not tolerate spam. I use Akismet to pre-filter all comments, and I generally moderate the comments that get past that filtering. If you post content of any kind here, and that includes comments, you and you alone are responsible for that content. Nevertheless this is my site, so if I deem something to be inappropriate I will remove it.
  3. Third Party Posts
    If anyone desires to post regular articles to this site, they will require a user account. Since this is my site, I reserve the right to approve user accounts and to moderate the article postings made by other users. Removal of posts will be done in two stages. First the post will go into “Pending Review” status and the author will be notified. If you cannot defend your post it will be deleted. If you successfully defend your post it will be re-published, and a note added explaining you defense of the content. A similar process will apply to comment removal. Please note: I will not remove content simply because I disagree with it. I will however remove offensive material, spam, or abusive material.
  4. Privacy.
    If you post here, you consent to my being able to contact you. I won’t share your contact information with anyone other than law enforcement (with a proper warrant), unless you specifically give me permission to do so, at least not intentionally.

These policies are subject to change. Updating this page is your notice of change.