Sometimes there's a light in the darkness

I don't usually bother reading The New York Times. When I do, it's even less likely that I'll read their commentary, particularly Maureen Dowd. But, Maureen Dowd's piece on the death of Jason Rivera is worth a read.

Maybe there is hope that we might be able to get along with those we generally disagree with after all. Even our vilest enemies still bear the image of God.

And no, Maureen Dowd is not one of my vilest enemies. Read the piece.


I recently posted something very like the following on a “just for fun” forum at work.

Whatever happened to Evelyn Beatrice Hall and Voltaire? “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

... except in the U.S., or online.

Apparently advocating for free speech for everyone is wrong. Some people apparently don’t want others to speak at all.

Did they reach out to me directly about what I posted? No. They were apparently too triggered by this simple statement to do that. Instead they complained to someone else and I was asked to remove what I wrote.

I am very unhappy about this.

An Argument For Believer’s Baptism Rather Than Infant Baptism – Conclusion

I will be returning to my “Bad News” series in the near future. For now though, this is on my heart, and I think it needs to be said. Please note, I am NOT educated in theology, church history, or doctrine. I am a Christian though, and believe that God’s word is clear and understandable. I am willing to be taught, and to have my opinions refuted, but for now I strongly hold to what I write here below.

Last time we left off while discussing the analogy between baptism and circumcision, particularly as found in Colossians 2:11-12. I mentioned that baptism should follow the new birth of the believer. I want to continue with that here for a moment.

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