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Passion projects

One of the things I like to do most in this world is write computer software. I tell interviewers that when I’m seeking a job. I spend a lot of time writing software both on the job (it’s a large part of my job after all) and off the job. Not too long ago I read some advice for job seekers about  having a “passion project”. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen that advice. Read more

Screen Shot of Electromechanical Computer Simulation

Don’t Worry, It’s Only Ones and Zeros

As you’re reading this, the chances are pretty good that you’re doing so with the help of a computer. You might be using a personal computer, a tablet computer, or a smart-phone. Today computers are all around us, in things most of us probably don’t even think about. Our entertainment depends on computers. We listen to music through digital recordings and digital playback. We watch movies and programs on television recorded and transmitted digitally. Even some of what we watch in movies and television programs was created digitally, never having existed in the real world. Read more

Total Eclipse, August 21, 2017

A Total Eclipse Of The Sun

This morning, my wife and I left our home at about 6:30 AM to go see the solar eclipse. We arrived at a WalMart parking lot in North Rexburg, Idaho at about 10:45 AM and set up to watch it with our grandson Emmett. We had a great time. I took pictures. I took video. I promised to e-mail them to a few people, and I will.

Then we drove home through nightmare traffic. We got home at about 10:15 PM after leaving Rexburg at about 12:30 PM. For me, the eclipse was worth the hassle. It was the most amazing astronomical spectacle I’m likely to see in my earthly life. Read more

2 Timothy 3:14-17 KJV

Regarding Scripture

Christianity is different from every other religion on the earth. Every other religion tells you how to earn your way to a better afterlife. Christianity makes it clear that you cannot earn your way to a better afterlife. If you want a better afterlife you must trust wholly in Jesus for your salvation, justification, sanctification, and entrance into the presence of the Lord. It is his completed work on the Cross that grants you these things. As Christians, we know this through the Scripture, which we believe is the inerrant and infallible word of the living God.
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