Coif Construction

Most of the things you make when building a chain maille outfit are rectangular in shape. This outfit is going to be a bit different. My plan is to make several cylinders and join them together you see. But the Coif (that’s the part that covers the head is a bit different. Read more

Thank You

I’m thankful for a lot this year.

I started a new job in May.

I had my grandkids for a visit over the summer.

I moved into a new (to me) house at the end of summer.

As has been the case for 27+ years I’ve had the love of a wonderful woman.

Despite a horrible accident my son is still alive and well.

I’m thankful for all this and more. And most of all, I am thankful for the grace of God by which I’ve been saved.

how about you?

More bent wire.

More progress. This piece is now about 16 inches by 5 inches

The small coil of wire on the left is ready to be cut into rings. On the right are several small “fivelet” units ready to be added to complete the row, and several rings ready to join them with.

So far I’ve put about 8 hours into the project.

An evening’s worth of chain

After my wire arrived and I finished working for the day, I got started “bending wire”. I made about four coils, cut them into rings and started weaving chain. This is the result of last night’s efforts.

The pliers are there to give scale to the picture. If you look at the ends you’ll notice that I ground them down so that they provide a better surface to grip the rings. I use this pair to open and close all the rings I make when I’m making the chain.

I probably won’t make as much progress tonight. I’ve got some other things to do first, for our church’s Operation Christmas Child collection week.

I’ll probably just cut a few thousand rings and put them in containers.