Cry Babies

For decades, the left has used the court system to make law that they could not make through the political process. Now that a few major cases haven’t gone their way, they question the legitimacy of the courts, with some even calling for the dissolution of the Supreme Court of the United States. Perhaps now they’ll go back to the legislative process.

Who am I kidding? They’re going to keep on with every possible way to undermine our institutions. If they don’t like a law, they’ll ignore it, failing to prosecute or uphold it. If they don’t like a court decision, they’ll riot. If they don’t like the results of an election, they’ll impeach or de-legitimize the office holder. If they do like it and the other side doesn’t they’ll claim insurrection.

Don’t get me wrong. The left isn’t the only group that’s like this. There are some on the right as well that do the same. Activists on both sides are crybabies.

We all need to be re-born, and then to grow in the grace and love of our new Father. Those who have been, and who will be, can then get along as a family and put the past behind us.


  1. Frankly, I’ve never met anyone on the right who is like the left as regards these tactics. If someone on the right objects to, say, a SCOTUS member ruling poorly, an intelligent argument will back up the objection. That’s not to say one might object to the presence of that jurist, but that’s different than trying to dissolve or pack the court because a ruling wen the wrong way.

    1. Art,

      I’m not referring, in the case of people on the right as desiring to pack the court or de-legitimize it, but rather to their tendency to go to the courts to craft law that doesn’t have a chance of winning politically. Or, of calling for impeachment of elected officials for political rather than criminal reasons. Or de-legitimizing them, sometimes with lies. Or challenging the results of an election they don’t like. Yes, one side does it more than the other, but both sides do it.

      All too often, both on the right and on the left, a narrative is crafted, and then the crafters double-down, even in the face of evidence contrary to that narrative. Politicians lie. Pundits lie. News organizations lie. A lie in the service of “the greater good” is still a lie.

      We know who the father of lies is.

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