What Was He Doing for Thirty-Six Years?

Wow. I seldom post twice in the same day. In fact, I seldom post twice in the same month. But then, this is just sad.

Is it finally time to invoke the twenty-fifth amendment? Or would Kamala be worse? Things don’t look any better for the next in line either.

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  1. Chickens: home to roost. CwaZy (pervy, racist) UnKa JoE, ZOMBIE POOPY-PANTS President in Name Only has spent his public life lying, fabricating, “fantabulizing,” his way through increasingly profitable scams for the Biden Crime Family. That he has become the inane, bumbling, incompetent, dementia-ridden puppet for handlers intent on destroying what remains of the replublic and constantly subjects himsself to outright ridicule, now, seems like simply a rare—extremely rare—case of Divine justice on the order of Nebuchadnezzar’s grass-eating years.

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