War Crimes

The United States is not a state party to the International Criminal Court. We don’t allow them to try our citizens. So demanding that the head of state of a foreign power stand trial for war crimes at the ICC is just a little hypocritical isn’t it? Do we really want to open that can of worms?

Then again, it seems like only three borders matter to our current government. Ukraine’s borders, the borders surrounding the U.S. Capital building whenever a protest on the “right” occurs and the borders of our “leaders” properties. Our national border must be open, especially to those who hate us.

Our national sovereignty must be surrendered to our rivals and enemies at the United Nations. Any notion of protecting our citizens and their rights seems anathema to the White House, to Congress, to at least a third of the Supreme Court and most of the federal courts, and to the newsrooms across the country.

When those who want to “fundamentally change” our nation are in power they look to empower our enemies through organizations like the U.N. or the ICC, and undo the works of the people who have protected us from them.

Calling on Vladimir Putin to face war crimes trials at the ICC is just another example of the White House using another pretext to erode our sovereignty.

Now, I am not saying that what Putin has done is not evil, nor that horrible things are not happening in the war in Ukraine. They are both horrible and evil. There will be a reckoning.

Pray for Ukraine. Pray for Russia. Pray for our leaders.

Pray for peace.

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