I recently posted something very like the following on a “just for fun” forum at work.

Whatever happened to Evelyn Beatrice Hall and Voltaire? “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

… except in the U.S., or online.

Apparently advocating for free speech for everyone is wrong. Some people apparently don’t want others to speak at all.

Did they reach out to me directly about what I posted? No. They were apparently too triggered by this simple statement to do that. Instead they complained to someone else and I was asked to remove what I wrote.

I am very unhappy about this.

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  1. Anyone who will not face you with their problem is not worthy of an audience. Going behind your back to complain anonymously is an act of cowardice that speaks loudly to the probable fact that they cannot make a valid argument against your comment.

    I have little more than contempt for such. WEell, a little pity for their pathetically meager character, but that’s just about as far as I can stretch it.

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