There’s Corruption Everywhere

Imagine, if you will a man who has been arrested for a crime. He spends a night in jail awaiting arraignment, and the following day in court, the prosecutor declines to press charges. Following this, the judge says, “No, wait a minute, I’m going to ask people that don’t like this man to brief me on ways I can throw him in prison to rot without the prosecutor.” That’s what we’re seeing here. And there are at least a few judges on the court of appeals that think this is justice!

The Michael Flynn case is proof that our justice system has become very politicized. I cannot honestly say that I know all of the details of the case, but I do know some of them. The case may have been politically motivated from the beginning. The fact that the Justice Department dropped the case may have been politically motivated. I do know that Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to investigators, and that he later withdrew that plea. There is some evidence that he may have been the target of entrapment.

But, with him withdrawing his guilty plea, and with the Department of Justice dropping the case against him, whether additional exculpatory evidence was presented or not, you might think that that would be the end of it. Especially when you consider the principle that a man is to be considered innocent until he has been proven guilty. (Yes, I know he pled guilty, but that may well have been entrapment, and not honest dealing.)

The judge in this case, who has already shown a clear bias against Michael Flynn, wants to prolong the case, and appears to be looking for any way that he can find to convict and punish him. After the Department of Justice dropped their case, he called for amicus briefs to find any way to justify forcing the prosecution to continue. An appeal was made to the DC Court of appeals, and in a 2 to 1 decision the judge lost. He’s appealed to the full DC Circuit Court of Appeals and they’ve agreed to hear his appeal later this month.

I believe the whole thing to be politically motivated. By prolonging the trial like this, it may be kept in the public eye right up until just before the national election. Since the judge in the case appears to be clearly biased, and at least one of the appellate judges is willing to go along with all of this, and the full panel of the court is willing to drag it out still further, it seems to me that our nations courts have become very politicized and corrupt.

There’s a lot of other stuff happening in the world. We have seen the “left” rejecting the results of the 2016 election since the Wednesday after the ballots were cast. Within a very short period there were calls to impeach President Elect Trump over the emoluments clause in the Constitution. There were the claims of a Russian conspiracy involving the Trump Campaign, dragged out for years despite evidence that no such conspiracy happened. There was the impeachment of the President for the hearsay content of a phone call that was far less egregious than the actual publicly stated words of a former sitting Vice President who bragged about actual quid-pro-quos. None of that worked, and we have the left blaming the President for the coronavirus, for our response to it – hoping all the while that we will ignore their own even worse response. And we have race riots in our streets. In Portland, the nightly rioting was nothing short of armed rebellion against the government, and it lasted months!

A person’s world view will have a lot to do with how they interpret these events. If I were to look at them through the prism of politics, which is how I made my entry into the blogging world, I could easily come to the conclusion that it’s all about President Trump and the Democratic Party’s feud with him. That and the “Never Trumper” establishment Republicans who are somehow hurt that he’s actually doing what they’ve only spent the last 30 years talking about doing. Without them.

That may or may not be going on, but I think that there’s something else at the root of all of this. I don’t really think that it matters that much in the end why people think they are doing what they are doing. I think it’s Satanically influenced. If people are distracted by the evil deeds of others they may well indulge in self-righteousness, ignoring the fact that it only takes “a little” sin to damn them. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a protester ranting about the evils of white men or the government, or the bad orange man, or if you’re a church-going person from the bible-belt wringing your hands over the clear hatred of our police and government taking place on the streets of the nation’s big cities.

The devil doesn’t likely care how far into sin the world falls, just that it falls. It may not really be perversity that the left seeks, but power. Perversity is merely a means to that end.

If we are outraged by injustice (and who isn’t) that might be a good thing, but only if we look to him who can provide true justice. But mercy is better, at least if we receive mercy. If others receive mercy, that is good too. But the schemes of wickedness are to be avoided, repudiated, and thwarted if possible.

Pray for the failure of the schemes of the wicked. Pray for the afflicted and lament over their affliction. Rejoice and delight in the righteousness of another.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. People who do evil will fade and wither like grass. Don’t worry about them. Worry leads to evil.

Wait for the Lord.

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