Looking For a New Home

Due to circumstances beyond my control, aren’t all circumstances like that in the end, my wife and I are looking for a new home. So far we’ve looked at several, but most of them are rather deficient in one way or another.

We just left a showing of one that looks perfect, but even it may be a “short term” thing. If we can even get in. I’m not worried about whether we can afford it, or qualify under their terms. That’s the easy part. What concerns me is getting my application in fast enough. A lot of people seem to want this house.

Fortunately we have others that we’re going to look at in the days ahead. I have two months to finish moving. I also trust that the Lord knows my needs, and what his plan is. Hopefully he’ll let us have this one, but if not, I trust him for what he does let us find.

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