Sixteen pounds of 16 gauge bright aluminum wire arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. In a few months it will be a hauberk.

The design for this one is different from the last one I made. There won’t be an inlay in this one. It should reach to about my knees this time too. It will have full length sleeves too. I’m going to try making a mantle-top style with an integral coif this time.

All together it will be larger and more complete than the last one I made, and since it’s aluminum it should weigh less too. I‘m already having fun making it.



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  1. I have a new hobby, too. After digging in and sorting boxes that have not been opened for decades (long story), I now have enough mismatched socks (don’t ask; I don’t know the answer heh) that sorting through them will probably be about as long a gig as your new maille project will be.

    Still, since I have plenty of socks, I might get these sorted through (rags, still mismatched, pairs) to have more than a few pairs to donate to the clothes closet before Xmas.

    Looking forward to pictures of your new work.

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