Mormonism Unveiled

A little more than a month ago, I read a post on Glen Chatfield’s blog The Watchman’s Bagpipes. The post was about the movie September Dawn. In that post he was recommending a few books about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and he recommended the following book.

Mormonism Unveiled or Life & Confession of John D. Lee (with an appendix history of Brigham Young). This book goes a very long while before discussing the massacre, but the reason for Lee writing it was to expose all the perpetrators of the massacre before he was executed as the scapegoat.

When I went looking for the book I was disappointed. The only hard-copies available were photo-mechanical copies of a marked-up copy. The only e-books I found had been made by using OCR software to transcribe the text from another marked-up copy. There were a few PDF versions available that I found, but they were basically scans of the pages of the same marked-up copy. I decided I’d have a go at transcribing it myself and publishing it as an e-book. Since I completed the transcription, I have found that at least twelve other versions are available.

I completed the transcription about a week ago. I’ve made e-pub and mobi copies and I am making them available here. These will cost you absolutely nothing, or you can purchase the nook book (e-pub) version on Barnes and Noble for 99 cents. It’s available now.

Mormonism Unveiled – EPub
Mormonism Unveiled – Mobi


  1. Hi Perri,

    WOW! That’s a lot of work!!

    The photomechanical reprint you mention is what I used to have, provided by the Utah Lighthouse Ministry. However, in 2008 I bought a new paperback edition, which is published by Fierra Blanca Publications of Albuquerque, NM, and distributed by University of New Mexico Press. ( I just found it on the ‘net here:

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