Changing hosts and e-mail

You may or may not have noticed but my web site has been up and down sporadically for the last several weeks. This has been frustrating to me, and I’m seriously considering dropping the service provider for the site. I do have a regular WordPress account, so I am thinking about moving the content from here to a new WordPress site. Why pay for something that is so unreliable?

When and if I do that, I will also be switching to a new e-mail address as well. Those of you that know my current e-mail address, drop me a note and I’ll send you my new address. Those of you that don’t know my current address, comment here and if I know you I’ll send you the new one.

That’s gotta sting

Today the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously declared several of President Obama’s so-called recess appointments unconstitutional. In doing so, they further defined what it means for the Senate to be in recess. A short three day break is not a recess, they court said it had to be in formal recess for at least ten days. The Senate itself decides when it is recess, and a pro-forma session is still a session. Continue reading

Our God given unalienable rights are given to us all as individuals. They tell us what we may do for ourselves, and they are the embodiment of liberty. The so-called rights that government gives to some of us are parcelled out to select groups as classes. They tell us what one class of people may require another to do for them, and they are the very essence of slavery.