For those we lost, We will not forget 09/11/2001 “Our God given unalienable rights are given to us all as individuals. They tell us what we may do for ourselves, and they are the embodiment of liberty. The so-called rights that government gives to some of us are parcelled out to select groups as classes. They tell us what one class of people may require another to do for them, and they are the very essence of slavery.”
— Perri Nelson, February 9, 2010

A bheil Gàidhlig agaibh?


Published Thu, Jan 10 2013 5:55 PM

I missed the last good sized snowstorm we had in Utah. Well, I say “missed”, but maybe not so much. Let’s say rather that I wasn’t here while it was happening, and the snow hadn’t quite melted off this morning. For the entire time I’ve been back, there’s been snow on the ground. And today…

Yesterday ended up reaching the 40s. Snow was melting. This morning it was relatively warm. At lunch time I debated not wearing my jacket…

The snow arrived just in time for my ride home. As I left the building it was snowing… and there was a good dusting on the sidewalks. I have to walk about three good-sized blocks to get to my car. There was almost 1/2 an inch on the ground by the time I finished that walk, my coat was covered in snow, my hair had a mix of melted snow and ice in it and I was cold. Then it took nearly an hour and a quarter to drive the 9 miles to my apartment. My doorstep had snow 5 inches deep.

I love snow. I just hope that it’s a little easier to navigate to and from work tomorrow.

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David responded with:

The 1.5 hrs because the locale/drivers unprepared to have snow on roads/drive in snow?

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