For those we lost, We will not forget 09/11/2001 “Our God given unalienable rights are given to us all as individuals. They tell us what we may do for ourselves, and they are the embodiment of liberty. The so-called rights that government gives to some of us are parcelled out to select groups as classes. They tell us what one class of people may require another to do for them, and they are the very essence of slavery.”
— Perri Nelson, February 9, 2010

A bheil Gàidhlig agaibh?


Published Thu, Jun 21 2007 1:05 AM
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Webloggin trackbacked with "How Long Until This is Blamed on Global Warming?"

I’m sure it won’t be long until the thought police get to that scientist and have him recant this blasphemous outrage. How dare he not mention global warming when talking about environmental phenomena!? ...

The Florida Masochist trackbacked with "The Knucklehead of the Day award"

Today's winner is Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer.

The Amboy Times trackbacked with "Newt: No to Amnesty, Yes to Border Security"

I've always said that an open border during wartime is foolhardy. I wrote last year,Homeland Security has assured us that even though they can’t stop the millions of Illegal aliens from entering our country every year, they can magically keep

Planck's Constant trackbacked with "TT 13 Fishing Questions for Non-Fishermen"

S.M. a reader of mine, knowing that I have nearly zero knowledge about fishing, sent me these 13 fishing questions. See how many you can get right, amazingly, I scored a perfect 13.

Pursuing Holiness trackbacked with "Right on time - here comes the global cooling crisis!"

Here comes the new climate crisis, right on time: Global cooling. I knew that when the media could no longer sustain the warming hype, they would do exactly what they did last time - switch to cooling. And courtesy of Bob Parks at Black and Right, he...

DeMediacratic Nation trackbacked with "The Fairness Doctrine Isn't Fair Enough"

The Fairness Doctrine is receiving new life these days even from the likes of a Trent Lott who recently said that Talk Radio needs to be looked into. & ...

The World According To Carl trackbacked with "Godly Wisdom — June 21, 2007"

When You Are Filled With God’s Word, Your Sleep Will Be Sweet ...

stikNstein....has no mercy trackbacked with "“Shut Up” Lindsay…or um….”We’ll shut you up” Trent…"

The need for the left to stifle free speech (except when it agrees with their world view) is now focused on talk radio. Democratic Strategist Lindsay Graham started by calling us Bigots. Now,Trent Lott, newly emerging spokesman for the left Progressive...

A Few Shiny Pebbles trackbacked with "World at War: In Depth Part Eight"

Wars ebb and flow like tides, and this particular flood of battles in which we are involved, this Ideological World War, can be traced to a flare-up of a millennia-long war in the opening shots fired in 1776 by the...

DeMediacratic Nation trackbacked with "Employee Free Choice Act of 2007 Has Costs - HR 80"

On March 6th of this year I posted "The NYTimes Right to Dis-organize,"about the usual indigenousness of

High Desert Wanderer trackbacked with "Design Review: Mitt Romney dot com"

Mitt Romney’s campaign web site is up and running. It probably has been for a while, but I only recently noticed it. Here’s a few of my thoughts on the site. Before I start with my usual review, I thought I’d mention the Five Brother...

The Random Yak trackbacked with "Look, Ma, A Meme!"

Have to admit, memes are easy when you’re in the weeds.  Inspiration is low, so I appreciate the opportunity to riff on someone else’s topic from time to time. Today’s topic comes from “Booking Through Thursday” - a newly...

Pursuing Holiness trackbacked with "Adios, Taco Trucks!"

(Article here) STAFF PHOTOS BY JOHN MCCUSKERA - A hot food truck operates just inside Orleans parish Wednesday, the day the Jefferson Parish Council banned them. On other days it has operated just inside Jefferson parish. It’s days of doing tha...

Pursuing Holiness trackbacked with "Software That Helps You Avoid Computing Injuries"

Here’s a great article with tips about how to avoid injury while computing: Bad News: Laptops Can Damage Your Spine. (h/t Instapundit) This really is something you want to be pro-active about - there are long term, serious consequences to poor ...

The Random Yak trackbacked with "A Bleg for Letters From Home"

I’m coming in on this one a little late, folks, but that’s what I get for being in the weeds. About a week ago Milblogger Blackfive sent out a request for readers and bloggers alike to e-mail letters of support to Regimental Combat Team 6 -...

Right Truth trackbacked with "Some turning against Israel - is the answer a healthy dose of neutron bombs?"

Palestinians rush to Israel for protection and shelter when their own kind turn against them. The New York Times is again a Mouthpiece for Terrorist Propaganda against Israel by giving Ahmed Yousef, political adviser to Ismail Haniya, a platform to

Blog @ trackbacked with "Giuliani: Say Everything, Say Nothing"

Is this Rudy Giuliani’s idea of providing ‘details’ of his plan for fiscal discipline? ...

Pursuing Holiness trackbacked with "A Good Vote"

I so often have to vote for the least offensive person, or vote against the most offensive person, that it’s nice to have a reminder of a vote I was actually happy about. Senator David Vitter is doing a good job, not just on immigration, but on ...

Pirate's Cove trackbacked with "DU Madness: Min Wage and Hillary!"

I was persuing Hot Air, and was reading this post, which led to this (typical) wacko thread in DUmmie Land, and decided to take a perusal of the other amusements. Been awhile since I did that. And lo and behold, here is a great topic Poll question: Wi...

Planck's Constant trackbacked with "A World without Israel"

5 weeks after Alan was abducted in Gaza, the National Union of Journalists voted to boycott Israel, probably hoping that such an action would trigger Alan's release from grateful Palestinian terrorists. Appeasement didn't seem to work. Didn't work back in 1939 either.

Maggie's Notebook trackbacked with "The Fairness Doctrine and Michelle Malkin"

The finest moment in my blogging career happened this morning. mentioned Maggie's Notebook and the Fairness Doctrine. America's pithiest commentator, male or female, Michelle Malkin is my favorite voice online or on the air. What a...

Conservative Cat trackbacked with "Chicago Tonight Does a Segment on the Force"

The Chicago Force was the subject of a 6-minute segment on Chicago Tonight. Chicago Tonight is on public television, a medium I've never really trusted, but Bruce insisted we watch it anyway. The segment began with the usual Oh My...

The Personal Development Blog trackbacked with "SMILE"

Smiling and laughter are among the few things you can find in every culture on the face of the earth. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? This make me think that smiling must have a very important function. The smile has been a part of the hu...

Tel-Chai Nation trackbacked with "Pixar goes anti-war with a new cartoon"

Well, it sure seems that way. A new movie called "Terra" is coming out, and the invading baddies here are the humans (Hat tip: Newsbusters):

Leaning Straight Up trackbacked with "Fred! rips on CAIR"

Posted at ABC Radio. I am posting the text, but listen to the podcast...Fred's drawl makes this fun. I've talked before about the Council on American-Islamic Relations -- most recently because it filed that lawsuit against Americans who ...

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"Webloggin trackbacked with "How Long Until This is Blamed on Global Warming?" I’m sure it won’t be long until the thought police get to that scientist and have him recant this blasphemous outrage. How dare he not mention global warming when talking about environmental phenomena!? .." He should mantion that!!

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